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Revanta Plaza

We are pleased to offer you top-class living with the unmatched urban mobility with easy mode of conveyance. Our project is designed for buyers like you who are looking for budget homes in Dwarka without burning a hole in their wallets.

Aimed to be the first smart city of the country, this project is placed at close proximity to National Highway 8 and well known IT hubs. The location of the Revanta Plaza makes it the perfect choice among newbies looking for both commercial spaces and residential apartments.

Marvelous infrastructure along with all the needful amenities

We can promise you a marvelous infrastructure along with all the needful amenities like uninterrupted water and power supply, sewerage, storm water drains, transport and development with special arrangements to cater to the needs of children. This is an ideal residential project to park your investments for when you are looking for a residential venture with fruitful results. When you are looking for a stylish, well served flats near Dwarka Expressway, that would prove to be a thing of envy for all your acquaintances, you must have a look at the residential projects we have developed.

Strike a balance between luxury and value for money

If you are on a strict budget and want to establish a balance between luxury and value for money, you would definitely want to purchase a low-rise and independent home at the heart of the city. In this quest of well budgeted but opulent apartments, Revanta Plaza is here to surprise you with the eye-catching residential apartments. Dwarka itself has become the focus of all eyes in terms of job opportunities and growth of business industries. Hence settling here would be a wise decision and offer a high return on investment.

But what really makes the Revanta Plaza the best residential complex is that the Dwarka Expressway is one of the fastest developing areas in Gurgaon and so it can serve as a lifetime investment in future. You must be aware that the value of a property does not rise overnight, but it rises over many years following the course of development shaping in the area. The price of the property slowly matures according to these factors and that is how a responsive developer prices the real estate property. Hence, a residential or a commercial property from us can be doubled or even tripled from the price you will buy within a very short span. Not only does a reliable real estate developer takes notice of these factors, but even a novice buyer like shall rest assured that their home will proffer a very high value within ten years from today.

Realizing the creative fancies of all home aspirants

We have tried to realize the creative fancies of all home aspirants who had always been dreaming of purchasing a house of own. These exclusive real estate properties quite appropriately meet the needs and demands of such people. We are offering an abode where you can satisfy your creative as well as material pursuits effortlessly for the entire life. To say otherwise, these apartments are ideal for you when you are looking for affordable homes that do not compromise with the quality of the services offered.